Independence And Social Justice

Independence And Social Justice

రాజ్‌ మోహన్‌ గాంధీ

Raj Mohan Gandhi

రూ. 30

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Both (Dr. B. R. Ambedkar and Gandhi) agreed, however, that struggle had to be peaceful – resolute, fearless and passionate, yes, but not violent, for killing usually damaged a struggle’s goal. For Ambedkar, and also for Gandhi, Dalit solidarity, Dalit education and the Dalit vote were weapons far superior to the lathi or the gun; when used by a vulnerable Dalit, the latter only played into the hands of the better-armed enemy.
Both realised that the culmination of a struggle for justice was usually negotiation and a settlement rather than surrender by the foe and complete triumph for one’s side. Despite harsh experiences, both knew that the adversary in a struggle, the Other, was a human being too, and that justice seldom endured without reconciliation.

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TitleIndependence And Social Justice
Writerరాజ్‌ మోహన్‌ గాంధీ
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